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Your sandals have 1 year warranty from the day of the purchase. The sandals come from a region where people wear them nearly all the time. That is why we are confident that the sandals will last much longer. The manufacturers' traditions and skills, as well as our own personal experience, make us believe that your sandals will just get better with age and wear. The warranty covers manufacturer's defects such as tear in the leather, splitting of the sole and torn down sandal elements. The warranty does not cover leather scratches or worn out soles due to normal use. In case of returns, camelsandals.eu will cover the shipping costs after you agree with us by phone a convenient date and time. 

Please bear in mind that all real leather products need some care to preserve their appearance over time. The sandals should not be soaked or covered in water for longer periods. Wipe the sandals with a moist cloth or specialized leather shoe polish.