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These sandals come from Jerusalem.

The family factory where they are made is out of town. It is located in Hebron, 30 km south of the place where we are going to meet them, the city of Jerusalem. The so called “Heavenly City” is one of the oldest cities in the world sacred for all believers - Christians, Muslims and Jews. This 6,000 years old city has been repeatedly besieged, destroyed, seized and reclaimed. It has been ruled by Assyrians, Egyptians, Asians, Romans, Persians, Byzantines, Crusaders and Arabs. All of them have left a mark on its appearance.

Let's take a short walk around the old town surrounded by high walls with seven gates. We enter through Jaffa Gate. As we cross the threshold of the gate, it seems like the city's spirit emanates from the stone walls and takes us back to the past. We walk around the ancient streets and soon small colourful antique shops emerge. The farther we walk, the more authentic and interesting it becomes, until we forget that we are in the 21 century. Tradesmen invite us to enter their small stores and take a look at their goods. We reach a crossroad where the four quarters of the town meet – Christian, Armenian, Muslim and Jewish. We look around and here they are – our sandals.

They are standing there, waiting for us. They have a sweet leather smell. There are so many different styles that it is hard to choose one. Some of them remind us of biblical stories and others seem to be telling us the tales of Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights. Yet other ones simply make us part of the place where we are. After lots of choosing and picking we try one pair on. They fit our feet so well that we don't want to take them off. We continue our way feeling somehow lighter and different.

These sandals are handmade from real leather by experienced master shoemakers from the region. They are beautiful, long-lasting and comfortable. As people in this land wear them nearly all the time, particular attention is given to the sandals' quality and convenience. They are suitable for all ages and combine well with any outfit. In ancient times, the sandals were worn by wise men, traders, herdsmen and prophets. Still they remain fashionable today.

These are the sandals of time - from the walls of Jerusalem to your feet :)

We hope they will take you there, where you will feel the thrilling atmosphere of this city!